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Walgrave underway for Community Impact Week

A new development, which will enable local people to continue living in their close-knit community, is getting underway in Walgrave.

The start on site event took place during Community Impact Week, which gives housing associations across the country an opportunity to celebrate how they transform people’s lives and the communities in which they live.

We’re working in partnership with local developer, Whiterock Homes, to build 10 new homes in Walgrave, specifically for people with a local connection to the village.

In 2014, we developed 11 affordable homes at Poachers Close with widespread community support but, three years on, there is still a real need for local homes in the village which local people can afford.

The new scheme is being built on land adjacent to Poachers Close and comprises four homes for affordable rent, two shared ownership properties and four local market homes.  All the homes, including those for local market sale, will be subject to a S106 agreement.  This gives priority to local people with family or work ties to the Walgrave Ward.

It marks the first cross-subsidy scheme in Daventry in which the development surpluses generated from the homes for local market sale will be used to subsidise the affordable properties.

Whiterock Homes Director, Lesley Ford-Kalym, said: “Whiterock Homes is excited to be returning to the village of Walgrave to continue the success of Phase one, where both affordable and local market homes have been identified as much needed and wanted by local people.”