Our performance

We’re committed to providing an excellent service for all our customers.

We constantly monitor our performance across all our services including customer service, repairs and maintenance, gas servicing and complaints.

How do we measure performance and what do we do with the information?

  • How do we measure performance?

    We do this through satisfaction surveys, gathering resident feedback, and using information from our internal systems (such as number of repairs completed on time, number of gas services completed and cost of preparing vacant properties to relet).

  • What do we do with the performance information?

    We’re always striving to improve and use the performance information to help us identify and prioritise where we can do this.

    We also publish this information so that our residents can see how we're doing. Please see below for where we publish this.

How do we report our performance?

It’s important that we’re transparent and open about our performance.

  • To our residents

    Annual report:

    We publish detailed performance information in our annual report, showing how we’ve changed since the previous year.

    Quarterly updates:

    And from July, we are starting to publish a quarterly update on our website and in newsletters, starting with our complaint performance for April to June 2021.

  • To our board

    Our performance across all our services is reported each quarter the WRHA board, and they hold us accountable to the set targets.