your home repair responsibilities

Everything you need to know about repairs.

Who is responsible for repairs?

Emergency, urgent and routine repairs
What are they and how long do they take?

  • Emergency repairs

    What is an emergency repair?

    Emergency repairs are those needed to avoid immediate danger to your health and safety or serious damage and destruction to your home.

    This includes things like:

      • total loss of water
      • unsafe electric fittings
      • total loss of heating in winter (between 1st October and 31st March)
      • blocked mains drainsoil pipe or toilet if it is the only one in the property

    We will aim to make your home safe or prevent further damage. We may need to arrange a further visit to complete the repair.

    Response time

    To be completed within 24 hours.
    You should make yourself available for the 24 hours to ensure the contractors can gain access.

    Reporting an emergency repair

    You'll need to report an emergency repair by calling us on 0300 1234 009.
    If this number is unavailable outside of office hours please call 0203 701 3553.

    Calls to 0300 numbers cost no more than a call to UK landline numbers beginning in 01 or 02 and are part of inclusive minute packages from mobile and landline operatives.

  • Urgent repairs

    What is an urgent repair?

    Urgent repairs are any repairs that are not dangerous, but that could become worse or cause other problems if they are not dealt with. This includes things like:

    • follow-on works from an emergency
    • minor plumbing leaks or defects
    • minor electrical faults and roof leak

    Response time

    To be completed within 5 working days.

  • Routine repairs

    What is a routine repair?

    This includes all other repairs that are necessary and our responsibility, but that do not affect the immediate use of the property.

    Routine repairs include things like repairs to fencing, doors, windows and floors, work to kitchen fittings and other minor issues.

    If the repair is needed by a resident who is vulnerable due to age, disability or another medical or social reason, we will do our best to respond as quickly as possible.

    Response time

    To be completed within 20 working days (28 calendar days).

  • What if you're a vulnerable customer?

    If a repair is needed by a customer who is vulnerable due to age, disability or another medical or social reason, we will do our best to respond as quickly as possible.

    While we don’t define whole groups of people as vulnerable by default e.g. ‘the elderly’ or ‘with young children’, when a customer contacts us to request a repair, the customer care team will confirm if there are any disabilities or support needs which should be taken into account, such as age, heart conditions, COPD or children under two.

How do I report a repair?

Planned maintenance

Important information

  • Coronavirus - possible changes to service delivery

    We will endeavour to continue with our repairs service as normal. However, unfortunately there may be times when our service is impacted, due to team members and contractors self-isolating, and appointments might need to be rescheduled or cancelled. Also, this may mean we might not always be able to meet our standard response times. If this happens, we will contact you as soon as we can. We appreciate your patience during this time.

    Keeping you updated:

    For the latest information, please take a look at our Coronavirus webpage and like us on Facebook to see our updates.

    Please keep us updated:

    If we’re due to visit your home and you, or someone in your household, develops symptoms or tests positive for Coronavirus, please contact the Customer Care Team to let us know at or call on 0300 1234 009.

  • Providing access

    Please make sure you provide us with access to your home for the agreed appointment. Where access is not provided or refused we reserve the right to recharge you for an aborted call out.

  • No smoking

    If you are having a repair or improvement works undertaken in your home, please do not smoke in the affected room(s) for one hour before and during the works.

    We have a legal obligation to provide a safe working environment and residual passive smoke presents a health hazard. We reserve the right to refuse to enter a property which has cigarette smoke lingering, and to recharge if a return visit is necessary.

  • Recharges

    Where it has been identified that residents have caused damage to their property, undertaken unauthorised alterations, or left possessions and/or rubbish behind when vacating, we will proactively seek to recover the costs from those residents for the costs incurred to rectify the damage/issues identified.

    Where a non-emergency repair has been requested and it is evident that it is due to tenant damage, work will not be carried out unless the tenant agrees to pay for the full costs of the works in advance of them being carried out.

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