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Northamptonshire Rural Housing Association (NRHA), and partners Orbit and Snowdon Homes, completed a third phase of affordable homes on Fenn Close in Nassington in 2022.

The small rural scheme, which is strongly supported by the community, provides an additional nine much-needed affordable properties to the village. The affordable homes in the scheme, which were finished in May 2022, were prioritised for local people with a connection to Nassington.

This is the third phase of the community-led affordable housing provided by NRHA on Fenn Close. It builds on the success of eight homes delivered in phase one in 1994, and a further nine homes in phase two in 2006.

The new homes, all identified in a housing needs survey completed back in 2014, are a mix of maisonettes and houses to suit people with different needs. Six of the homes are available for social rent and three for shared ownership sale. A further three homes will be sold by Snowdon Homes on the open market.

The development incorporates the latest in air source heating technology, enabling cost-effective heating, whilst reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

NRHA is grateful to local family, Dave and Anne Fenn, who have provided low-cost land for all three phases of development.

Alan Burns, Chairman of Nassington Parish Council, commented:

“Housing is expensive in these villages, so to ensure Nassington remains a vibrant and vital place, we’re meeting the housing needs of current and future residents.

“As a village and a parish council, we are very proud of the first two phases of the homes at Fenn Close and confident that phase three will prove to be just as popular.”

NRHA’s Company Secretary, Richard Mugglestone, added:

“Affordable properties are vital to the sustainability of our rural communities. The fact that we are returning to the same villages in Northamptonshire shows that there is still a real need for more affordable homes.

“We may only be developing small schemes, but they each make a big difference in the villages, keeping families and communities together.”

Development details and application process:

When are the homes due to be ready?

About the homes

  • Types of homes for rent and shared ownership

    There are nine new homes on the scheme.

    x6 for social rent - these homes have all been allocated.

    • x2 1-bed maisonettes
    • x2 2-bed houses
    • x2 3-bed houses

    x3 for shared ownership - these homes are all sold subject to contract.

    • x2 2-bed houses
    • x1 3-bed houses

Local connection criteria

  • Homes for rent

    To be eligible to apply for a rented home, applicants needed to have a proven housing need, and a local connection to the Parish of Nassington. This connection can be:

    • lived in the parish for last 12 months
    • previously lived in the parish (for a minimum of 12 months, but moved as unable to secure affordable housing in the village)
    • have close family in the village
    • working in the parish (permanent or temporary employment for a minimum of 12 months).

    Applicants from neighbouring parishes: Yarwell, Woodnewton, Kingscliffe, Apethorpe and Fotheringhay will also be considered.

  • Homes for shared ownership

    The Shared Ownership homes will be prioritised using the above local connection criteria and qualifying criteria set by the government’s ‘Help to Buy’ scheme.

How to apply

Register your interest and further info

Two, three bedroom homes, rent

Two, three bedroom homes, rent

Rear of two-bed for rent, showing air source heat pump

Rear of two-bed for rent, showing air source heat pump

Two, two-bedroom homes, rent

Two, two-bedroom homes, rent

Two, one-bedroomed flats (one ground floor, one 1st floor)

Two, one-bedroomed flats (one ground floor, one 1st floor)