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Living in your home

Once you have moved in to one of our properties and settled in, we will do our best to make sure your home stays in good condition and offer any assistance we can.

You should register with myhomeonline and a user guide is available below.

Keeping your home in good condition. We offer planned maintenance such as external painting and decorating to make sure your home stays in good shape. Our grounds maintenance service looks after communal outdoor areas.

Staying safe in your home. Read advice and information on the services we offer to make sure you stay safe at home, including information on gas safety and what to do if you find or suspect asbestos.

Home contents insurance is vital to protect your belongings and is your responsibility. Find out more about insurance options including our special low-cost insurance deal.

Home improvements. Whilst living in your home you may want to make your own improvements or introduce energy efficiency measures such as a new boiler or double-glazed windows. Read up on what you can and cannot do.

Ending a tenancy. There are several reasons why a tenancy could end or change, including the death of a tenant or if you want to swap your home with someone else. Follow the link to find out what to do in these circumstances.

Keeping your neighbourhood safe. Creating sustainable, peaceful neighbourhoods is important to us. Any incidences of anti social behaviour or harassment are taken seriously. Find out how we will help you end threatening, offensive or disruptive behaviour in your area and learn about how you can get involved in making your neighbourhood a better place to live.

Tell us what you think. Let us know about your experiences of living in one of our properties, good and bad, so we can continually improve our services.