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Upsizing and a move to shared ownership

nassington kieren

We’re building a better future for rural communities by helping local people move to suit their changing needs.

Affordable housing can provide the foundations for increased, sustainable growth for rural communities.

But, needs change over time. A home can be become too small (or too big), or people may be ready to get on the property ladder. And there's not always an affordable option in their rural village, so often people end up living in unsuitable homes, or move away.

Such as Kieren. He’s been a Northamptonshire Rural Housing (NRHA) customer for over 12 years, until recently living in a two-bedroom rented NRHA house on Fenn Close in Nassington. When a new phase of affordable homes was built on the street, Kieren jumped at the chance to buy a three-bed shared ownership house. He’s upsized, got on the property ladder AND stayed close to his family, friends and work.

“I loved my old house and living in the village, but really wanted to get on the property ladder. I couldn’t afford to buy anything in the village at full market value, so I was delighted when these shared ownership homes came available on Fenn Close.

“I’m still close to my parents who also live on Fenn Close and near work. And there’s more space for my two boys, and the garden is much bigger, which my dog especially appreciates!!”

And another local family, Danielle, her husband and three children, have also moved from a two bedroomed rented home on Fenn Close, to a larger new, three-bedroomed rented home. The extra space has transformed life for the family.

“As a family of five, we’ve gone from being cramped in a two-bedroom home, to enjoying the space of our new three-bedroom home.

“We’d been looking for a larger home in the village for a several years and were getting worried that we’d have to move away to find something suitable and affordable.

“My dad and step-mum and my also my sister live on Fenn Close, so it would have had a massive impact on us, the children and the grandparents if we’d had to move away.

“We all love it here. Our son, who’s seven, had always shared our bedroom. He’s now got his own bedroom, which is so much better for him (and us!). Our football mad daughter Lily loves the back garden which she’s turned into a football pitch. And Evie, who’s a real homebird, likes how quiet it is inside the house.

“And I especially appreciate the air source heat pump. It provides constant hot water and we’re seeing a difference already on energy bills – they are 50% less compared to this time last year.”

“The new homes have really added to the already lovely community here. Our three neighbours all have children in the same school class as one of ours, it’s lovely to see them growing up together.”