Ready to downsize

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Jeanette who’s lived in Lilbourne for almost 40years was ready to downsize to somewhere easier to manage and also wanted to free up her three-bedroom home for a family who would need the space!

But in Lilbourne there are very few homes available, for rent or sale, and small bungalows are especially scarce.

Jeanette was starting to face the reality of having to leave the village, where her two daughters and five of her grandchildren live.

So she was delighted when her application for the new bungalow was accepted.

“I’m really pleased with our new home, especially the lovely garden where there’s loads of space for my dog Holly.

“I’m so glad we could stay in the village close to family. My grandchildren love Holly and spend a lot of time here with her.

“It’s a great little community in the new homes – everybody is connected to the village and already knows each other.”