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NRHA makes dad's Christmas wishes come true

Northamptonshire Rural Housing Association has helped new resident, Peter Guga, receive the Christmas present he’s been wishing for.

Peter has successfully applied for a flat in Moulton, the village where his two-year-son lives, meaning he can spend lots more time with him.

Having separated from his partner, Peter had been living in a room only private rent with shared facilities, before staying with friends for the past few months.

“I used to take my son to the park but I had to drop him home again afterwards because I couldn’t take him back to stay with me,” explains Peter.  “Now I’ll be living near my son and it’s life-changing for me.”

Peter will be moving into the village where he never thought he’d be able to afford a property.

“I’ll now be able to do so much more with my son,” says Peter.  “It’s going to make a big big difference to me and to him.  He can come and stay with me and he’s going to really understand that I’m his dad.”