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NRHA brings Father and Son closer

David Butcher was so pleased to be offered his ideal property by Northamptonshire Rural Housing Association, he moved in within 48 hours!

David, who had been living in North Yorkshire to be near his son, Oliver, was desperate to move back to Northamptonshire after Oliver and his wife relocated.

But the 56-year-old soon realised that finding somewhere to live on his home turf wasn’t going to be as easy as he thought.

David, who has health and mobility problems, explains: “I’ve lived in Northamptonshire most of my life but when my son moved up to Whitby three years ago, I moved too.

“When my son and his wife decided to move back down and found somewhere to live in Weedon, there was nothing left for me in North Yorkshire.  I started looking for somewhere to live in Northamptonshire but, after six months, I still hadn’t found anything.

“I’d applied for all the properties I could find and was feeling quite fed up, when I got a call from NRHA to say I was being offered a one bedroom ground floor flat in Long Buckby.

“I was so delighted, my son and I loaded everything into a van and, within 48 hours, I’d moved down here!

“The flat is absolutely ideal for me.  I can only walk 50 yards or so but I can walk from my front door to my mobility scooter or my car all on one level.  It honestly couldn’t be better.

“Living close to my son means everything to me.  He’s my first point of contact if I have any problems and it’s good to know he’s there, looking out for me.

“It feels as if everything has finally fallen into place and I have NRHA to thank for that.”