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National report endorses NRHA’s commitment

Northamptonshire Rural Housing Association’s commitment to delivering small-scale affordable housing schemes is helping to halt the decline of some of the county’s most rural villages, according to new research.

Carried out by Rural Life Monitor, part of the National Housing Federation, the research reveals that services which are the pillars of rural community life, such as schools and pubs, are increasingly at risk of closing where rural areas have suffered from a lack of investment in new affordable homes.

The report finds that over the past five years, schools, post offices and pubs have been closing on a regular basis.  It states that by building a few affordable homes in rural villages, families are more able to grow and remain in the same area, helping to keep these important services open.

This year, we’ve been working with rural communities across Northamptonshire to deliver the homes which local people desperately need.  We’ve already completed affordable homes in Braunston and several more developments are in the pipeline.

Craig Felts, Company Secretary, says: “This report endorses what NRHA is committed to delivering.  Our small-scale affordable developments are helping to breathe life back into Northamptonshire’s rural communities so that they can thrive for many generations to come.”