Model Home

Di has been in her home in Woodford Halse for 5 years now. Contending with the monotony of lockdown, her partner Mick, set about making a model of their home. He had made model airplanes and tanks as a kid, but this was a much bigger enterprise, and without instructions.

Taking no more than a fortnight, meticulous Mick used the majority of materials from what was to hand in the house, creating a home-made home. As well MDF, Balsa wood and roofing felt, drinking straws were used for the guttering and kebab skewers for the outside chairs. Small LED lights were fitted to create the night scenes. For some of the plants they have used their own lichen moss, acrylic paint for the likes of the grass and garage door and masking tape for the parasol.

It is the first time Mick has attempted something like this and his work of art has got him noticed. He has now been ‘commissioned’ to build a model of his Mum’s bungalow!