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Lilbourne life…community, church and countryside

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Chi Wah, the Pastor at Lilbourne Evangelical Church, his wife Lisa, their three children and cat are enjoying settling into their lovely new home in Lilbourne.

The family have wanted to live in the village ever since Chi Wah first became involved with the church back in 2016, so that he could be closer to the parish.

“To really be part of the community and do the best possible job as the Pastor, for the parishioners and wider community, being close by is so important. Living in the village is already making a positive difference to my work in the church.  It’s giving me the chance to spend more time getting to know people, I can invite people to my home and I’m around when people need me.

“House prices and rent costs are so expensive that we just didn’t think it would ever be an option to live in the village. We were absolutely delighted when our bid on this new home was successful.

“And, as well as being close to the church, we’re all really enjoying family life in the village. It’s such a joy to be in the countryside, from seeing the baby lambs in the field to watching the horses from my window.”

And Lisa explained some other benefits of living in their new home.

“We home school our three children and it’s great to have the space for them to spread out. And even better that we can go for a walk in the countryside during their breaks.

“The air source heat pump is amazing. We’ve noticed a real difference in our energy bills and the house was lovely and warm in the winter.

“We’ve recently held our first afternoon tea in the church and were really pleased to see some new faces, including a gentleman who rarely leaves his home. It’s a lovely community and we really appreciate the warm welcome we’ve received.

Chi Wah and Lisa would love to meet more of the local community. As well as church services, there’s also a youth group and Chi Wah is hoping to introduce other activities too. You can find out more at www.lilbourne-evangelical.org.uk