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Let's celebrate Rural Housing Week!

Rural Housing Week 2018 kicks off today – and Northamptonshire Rural Housing Association has plenty of reason to celebrate!

The national event aims to demonstrate the positive value of housebuilding in rural areas and to show why the idea of NIMBYism – Not In My Back Yard - is simply outdated.

And that’s certainly true in Northamptonshire, where our latest developments are helping communities to survive and thrive, and bringing and keeping families together.

This week we’re joining housing associations based in rural areas across the country in highlighting rural housing issues and showing how we’re tackling them.

We’ll be hosting a special event at our newest development in Yarwell, which has just been completed, as well as marking the start on site at Little Addington, where work is about to begin.

For more than 20 years, NRHA has been committed to working with councils and communities Northamptonshire-wide to develop much-needed affordable housing, specifically for local people.  If you would like to find out more, or if your rural community has a housing need, contact us.