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Geddington move brings family together

A local family has been brought together again with help from Northamptonshire Rural Housing Association (NRHA).

Natalie Zilka wanted to return to Geddington, but didn’t expect to start living right next door to her parents!

Having been born and bred in Geddington, Natalie moved out of the village when she was 23 when she met and married Alan.  The couple were renting privately in Kettering but Natalie was keen to move back to the village as her father was not in good health.

When their landlord decided to sell the property, Natalie and Alan were forced to move out and turned to NRHA for help.

“I really wanted to get back to Geddington as I’ve spent all my life there,” explains Natalie.  “I went to the village school and got married in the church.  My dad had a kidney transplant about 20 years ago and his body is now rejecting the kidney so he’s on dialysis three times a week.  With my mum working, it’s hard for her and I wanted to be able to help out more.

“When NRHA offered us the property next door to my mum and dad, I couldn’t believe it!  I was so pleased to be moving into Chase View as it’s all my family back together again.  My dad has lived in that house since the day it was built.

“It’ll be so much easier to support my mum and dad now we’re next door.  My priority is my dad and I’m right here to help.”