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Decorating packs making life easier for new customers

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We've been reviewing how we can support new customers when they move into their new homes. Part of this is providing support to new customers whose homes need decorating when they move in.

Now, complete decorating packs, which include everything needed to freshen up a new home, can be delivered to your door by Johnstone’s Decorating Centre. New Bozeat resident Lucy, recently received the very first decorating pack - find out what she thought of it below.

And all Northamptonshire Rural Housing customers can benefit from our new partnership with Johnstone's, with a 20% discount at all Johnstone’s Decorating Centres.

If you'd like to find out more about the discount, please contact your housing officer on 0300 1234 009 or at enquiries@midlandsrural.org.uk

Lucy has recently moved into a Northamptonshire Rural Housing Association home and was the first customer to receive a Johnstone’s decorating pack.

It's amazing how much a fresh coat of paint can transform each room. Although, it does help that Lucy has an obvious flair for home interiors! She told us more what was included in the decorating pack:

“We’re so pleased to be back in Bozeat. I grew up here and only moved away as the house prices were too high. My family have been here for seven generations, and my Mum and dad, and brother, sister-in-law and family are all in the village. It’ll be wonderful to be living close to them again.

“On the day we got the keys, there was a decorating pack waiting for us, which was brilliant. Lots of white paint for the walls, woodwork paint, and special mould-resistant paint for the bathroom and kitchen. The paint is good quality, it’s gone on the walls really well.

“And, the pack included everything we needed to just get on and decorate…as well as the paint there’s dust sheets, rollers, brushes, masking tape and trays. The pack is a great idea and made everything easy for us.

“This home will make a huge difference to our family. We’re looking forward to moving in and feeling settled and secure.”

Published 25.03.24