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Barkley approves of his new home (and garden)

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Marie, who has lived in Green’s Norton for 13 years, recently needed to find a new home, as the house she was living in was being sold.

Around the same time, Marie’s husband Jeff very sadly passed away, so it was really important for her to find a new home close to friends and family.

Which is not an easy task in Green’s Norton! After being offered a home outside of the village, she thought it was looking inevitable that she would need to move further afield.

But, just at the right time, an NRHA home became available in the village. It’s perfect – a lovely bright home with, importantly, a large, fenced-in garden for her dog, Barkley, to enjoy.

And, as well as her busy job at the local secondary school, Marie also cooks for her parents-in-law four evenings a week. So, it’s an added bonus that her new home is literally just around the corner from them. Marie told us:

I’m really pleased to be moving in. The local community have been very welcoming, knocking on the door to say hello. And Claire at NRHA has been great.
The house has a nice feel, and I’m looking forward to making it my own. I may even paint every wall pink!
Barkley seems happy here. As well as loving the garden, he likes people watching through the window, especially all the children on their way home from school. And, if Barkley is happy, then so am I!