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Affordable homes are transforming lives

Rural Housing Week provides a great opportunity for housing associations, such as NRHA, to illustrate the difference they are making to local communities and lives.

For too long, there has been a view that affordable housing is necessary – as long as it’s not built in my village.  But this year, the focus of the Week is that NIMBYism is a thing of the past.  Local communities, councils and opinion formers are now championing the need for more affordable homes in our villages.

Our new affordable developments are not just community-backed, but often community-led, as residents are fully aware that affordable housing is vital for the survival of rural communities and services.

The impact which rural affordable housing is having on local people is considerable.  Peter Klimack lost close access to his children when he separated from his wife and was forced to move away.  He could only afford to rent one room which meant he was unable to have his children to stay.

Now Peter is moving into a one-bedroom self-contained flat in Long Buckby and his life is turning around.  He’s establishing a proper base where his children can visit and living closer to them will mean that he can even take them to school.

“This is life changing for me,” he says.  “I couldn’t afford a private rental on my income.  Having a secure affordable home means I can rebuild my life and have a relationship with my children.

“I’m looking forward to taking them to school and being able to watch their sports days.”