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Affordable homes are helping families support each other

glen, upper benefield

Glen has lived in the village of Upper Benefield since he was 13. He first moved into his Northamptonshire Rural Housing Association (NRHA) flat in the village when it was built in 2001.

Due to work commitments, he moved out after 10 years to a private rented flat closer to work. He soon realised that life in a private rented home was very different to what he’d experienced with NRHA and missed the security and benefits of affordable housing.

After a few years, Glen was spending more and more time back in Upper Benefield, caring for his mum and decided it would be easier for them both for him to live closer again. After searching and applying he finally got a home in village...back in the flat he'd left almost 10 years earlier!!

He couldn’t believe it when he was offered his original flat back. Having the chance to move back has made a real difference to him and his mum.

“Both me and my mum feel so much happier that I’m back in the village and I’m close to her again.

“I can’t believe I am back in the same flat. It’s like I never left, I’ve even got some of the same neighbours!

“It’s got a lovely new kitchen, but I wasn’t too keen on the previous resident’s paint choices, so have done some redecorating already!

“Everyone at NRHA is really kind, and Mark and Claire have been so helpful.”