New affordable homes in Lilbourne

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Northamptonshire Rural Housing Association, and partners Grand Union and Whiterock Homes, are well underway with a new affordable home development in the village of Lilbourne.

The small rural scheme will provide nine homes for the village, including five much-needed affordable properties. The affordable homes in the scheme, which are due to be completed in June 2022, will be prioritised for local people with a connection to Lilbourne.

Spacious and low-carbon homes

The homes will be built to national space standards and will incorporate the latest in air source heating technology.

The air source heat pumps are eco-friendly, reducing carbon dioxide emissions, and also provide lower cost heating, compared to traditional electric heating systems found in many off-gas rural homes. This will help to keep energy bills low for residents, which in times of significant energy cost increases, is more important than ever to help challenge fuel poverty.

Development details and application process:

About the homes

  • When will the homes be ready?

    The homes are due to be completed in June 2022.

  • Types of homes

    There will be five affordable homes available, all for social rent:

    • x1 2-bed semi-detached house (rent will be approx. £116.66 per week, plus service charge)
    • x3 3-bed semi-detached houses (rent will be approx. £135.71 per week, plus service charge)
    • x1 2-bed semi-detached bungalow (rent will be approx. £106.59 per week, plus service charge)

Local connection criteria

  • Homes for rent

    This development is built on an 'exception site'. This means that when allocating the homes, local connection to Lilbourne is prioritised alongside housing need.

    This connection can be:

    • currently live in the Parish of Lilbourne and have done so for at least the last 12 months
    • previously lived in the parish (for a minimum of three years out of the preceding five years OR for five years out of the preceding ten years)
    • have close family in the village (parents, step-parents, children and adult step-children, brother, sister) living in the Parish, or
    • currently work in the Parish.

    If no one with required housing need and local connection has bid, then HomeChoice would look at adjoining parish connections and then district connections (see 'How to apply and bid for a home' tab for more information.

How to apply and bid for a home

  • How to apply and bid for a home

    To be considered for a rented property you MUST be registered with HomeChoice (Daventry District's choice based letting system), which you can do online.

    • Once available to let, the homes  will be advertised on the Daventry HomeChoice website
    • Applicants registered with HomeChoice will have the opportunity to bid for a home.
    • 'Bidding' doesn’t involve paying any money – it's simply a registration of your application for one or more properties.
    • When the advertising week closes, Daventry HomeChoice will go through all applicants who made a bid and allocate according to housing need and local connection.
    • If no one with required housing need and local connection has bid, then they would look at adjoining parish connections and then district connections.
    • Daventry Homechoice then send through successful applicants to NRHA in priority order. NRHA carry out home interviews and confirm affordability and local connection of the applicant.
    • Please also read the local connection criteria above.

    The homes are due to be advertised on HomeChoice late April/early May.

    Register your interest with us:

    Please also register your interest with us (form below), and when the new homes are nearing completion, we’ll let you know that the homes are being advertised on the HomeChoice website.

  • Four homes for open market sale

    There are also four homes on the scheme which will be sold on the open market by Whiterocks Homes.

    Visit their website to find out more.

Further info

Register of interest form:

As per our privacy policy. You can remove consent by contacting us
To be placed on our register of interest, the Association does require applicants to meet a strict section 106 local connection criteria. Please select from the following options your connection to the village you are applying for;

(eg. renting with social housing provider, private renting, living with family etc)